My top 7 convenience store snacks

We’ve all been there – starving hungry and nothing around except a petrol station convenience store! Here are my top 7 snacks to choose.

  1. Water. most people think they’re hungry when they are actually thirsty. If you know there will be better options soon, drink a bottle of water to hold off those hunger pangs.

  2. Nuts. A small serving of nuts will give you a a serving of good quality protein and fat.

  3. Fruit. Most convenience stores sell single servings of fruit like oranges, apples and bananas. Combine with a small bag of nuts and you’ve got a healthy snack.

  4. Crisps. Yes, I did say crisps but read the ingredients and make sure they have no hydrogenated oils, MSG or artificial ingredients. Stick to brands with ingredients lists of potatoes, oil and salt.

  5. Yoghurt. Look for full fat organic if possible. If not, make sure you choose one that does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

  6. Dark chocolate. Look for brands that list cacao as the first ingredient (instead of sugar).

  7. Energy bars. Look for brands that contain over 10g of protein.

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