How to increase your servings of fruit and veg

Some research suggests that we need to eat more than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. For our diet to be alkalizing, which is important for health and our bones, we should be eating 9 portions a day.

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 Here are some easy ways to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet.

  • Add lemon, lime and/or cucumber to your water to add flavour – and then eat them.

  • Snack on vegetables as you’re cooking.

  • Add extra fruit to your breakfast smoothie.

  • Snack on trail mix – with different dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

  • Double-up the salad and vegetables in sandwiches.

  • Use lettuce leaves as a wrap for sandwich filling.

  • Slice a cucumber lengthwise, hollow it out and use this for your sandwich filling.

  • Make vegetable soups and juices.

  • Make a cauliflower crust pizza and add lots of vegetables.

  • Make cauliflower rice and have with a plant-based chilli.

  • Spiralize courgettes to replace spaghetti.

  • Make a salad dressing with olive oil – 1tbs is a portion.

  • Have a baked sweet potato.

  • Add a head of garlic when roasting vegetables.

  • Have fresh fruit for dessert.

  • Or bake an apple, pear or peach.

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