Feeling stuck in a rut? Then try something new

Here are 10 fun ways to get you started

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  1. Attend a quiz night. It’s fun, competitive, you’ll learn something new, and you could win a prize.
  2. Have a makeover. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and do something new with your hair, makeup or clothes. Go to a department store and have a makeup makeover, or ask a personal shopper for suggestions and try on styles you wouldn’t normally consider. You might be surprised by what suits you.
  3. Book a lesson to learn something new. You could learn to play a musical instrument, have dance lessons, or learn a new language. There are lots of lessons being offered and you’ll enjoy some me-time.
  4. Each day try a random act of kindness. Whether its helping a stranger when you’re out, or using kind and positive language with someone you know; you’ll make someone’s day. Random acts of kindness increases self-esteem. If someone is kind to you, pay it forward and make kindness contagious.
  5. Grow a plant. Gardening is a great stress reliever and has been shown to help with depression. If you don’t think you have green fingers, or you don’t have a garden, try growing an indoor plant. You might discover a new passion.
  6. Join a club. Whatever you feel passionate about there’s bound to be a local club where you’ll meet like-minded people. You could try a wine club, or a book club. They’re a great way to meet new, interesting people.
  7. Volunteer. Pick a charity or local project that interests you. You could volunteer to help the homeless, or at an animal rescue centre. You’ll gain a great sense of satisfaction, while putting your own problems into perspective..
  8. Research a topic that interests you. Instead of watching TV or scrolling through social media, try researching  a topic. It could be a period of history, or current affairs, or your family tree.
  9. Turn off all devices. Disconnect and allow yourself to do something different. Read a book, go to the cinema, or enjoy a long hot bath. You’ll really notice a difference by not being distracted by your phone.
  10. Write a letter. We’re so used to communicating via text or email that the traditional letter is almost redundant. Buy some beautiful paper and pen a letter. It could be to someone you know, or you could even find a pen pal.
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