Bad Habit Myths

Here are 3 habits that most people think are ‘bad’ but can actually be good for you!

1. Daydreaming: Most people think that daydreaming is a sign of laziness, or a way of putting off what we think we should be doing. But it has been shown that daydreaming can actually improve our problem-solving ability. So let your mind wander, knowing that it’s good for you.

2. Being untidy: It has been shown that untidiness can boost creativity and our ability to think outside the box. So the next time your told to tidy up you can say that it’s part of your creative project.

3. Swearing: I’m not talking about littering our sentences with expletives, but it has been shown that swearing in reaction to accidentally burning ourselves or stubbing our toe can lessen the pain we’re feeling.

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