20180721_184311 (2)I feel fabulous, have twice the energy than I did before and I eat loads of fabulous foods that taste delicious.

However, I haven’t always felt like this. A few years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I didn’t believe it, and I’m still in denial. BUT, just in case, I decided that I needed to make changes to my diet and lifestyle, so that I didn’t break another bone, and so that I live into a fabulously healthy older age.

I researched the changes that I would need to make, but habits are really hard to change, even when you know how negatively they are impacting your health. And so I engaged a health coach. It was only with her support, or tough love as I called it, that I was able to make those changes and establish healthy habits that stuck; I was able to follow through in a way that I never had before.

The journey, however, not only benefited my health but I started getting compliments. People said that I looked fabulous and asked how come I have so much energy.

It was because of this journey of transformation that I decided to become a health and life coach myself, so that I could the same impact on others and help them to become fabulous over 50 and beyond.